Wall Street Guy Who Sued Spa for Bad Breakfast Shouldn’t Eat Out

Not Good Enough!!You know when you go out for a meal and you're really stoked? You're prepared to shell out because you know it's going to be great, and you've hired a sitter, or travelled to a new city, and then it turns out that your waffles aren't crispy and your coffee is bitter? Yeah, that kind of blows. I know I can certainly get angry if a restaurant -- especially a pricey one -- disappoints. Maybe I'll write a letter, an angry blog post, or just tell my friends that they should stay away.

But I'm not a Wall Street lawyer, nor am I one of the 1 percent who comes to expect a full-on complimentary sit-down breakfast after I work out and get a massage every morning before work. You know what that guy does? He sues his spa for $730,000 because he no longer enjoyed his ham and eggs in the morning.

For that, Richard Katz, of lower Manhattan, you get the most despicable restaurant patron of the week award.


In such company as Alec Baldwin who feels the need to shame Starbucks employees, or that guy who shot his BB gun at the Taco Bell drive-through on account of the price hike, Richard Katz is not someone you want to frequent your establishment. However, if Katz plays this right, he could actually become a hero for the working class versus an out of touch d-bag who isn't enjoying himself "enough" at the spa and isn't satisfied when said spa offers to return his membership fees.

Hey Mr. Katz, Esquire, why don't you set your sights on airport food? Wrapped up sandwiches don't make anybody happy. Do you think you could drop into the American Airlines terminal at JFK and serve some papers? Or how about suing Jamba Juice when their immunity boost does not prevent you from getting a cold? Some people really, really, really hate cilantro. Do you think you could sue any restaurant that dares put that devil weed into its dishes?

Really, we need a food advocate out there in the world. And if you're ballsy enough to sue someone for almost a million dollars because your hot plate isn't hot anymore, well, Mr. Katz, you're the one for the job.

Who else do you think this guy should sue?

Image via Or Hiltch/Flickr

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