Wendy's Will Never Be Five Guys & That's Okay

wendy'sWhen I think fast food, I think of the big names: McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's. In my eyes, these powerhouses have the largest number of visible stores and, arguably, the best menu items. Hello, have you ever heard of a little gem called the Frosty!?

Well it looks like the new CEO of Wendy's, Emil Brolick, is looking to change that classic fast food giant association by making Wendy's a more premium brand. A brand that would try to compete with the likes of "fast casual" joints like Five Guys and Smashburger.

I see one problem here: It's WENDY'S!


Don't get me wrong. I love Wendy's. I wish I could indulge in the zesty goodness of a spicy chicken sandwich and small fries every day without putting on a gazillion inches between my hips and thighs. But consumers like me who have come to know and adore Wendy's for all that it is aren't looking for "fast casual." When I go to visit Dave Thomas's brainchild, I want to know that what I'm spending my $5 on is not only going to be fast but also delicious.

Restaurants like Five Guys have a totally different vibe than your average Wendy's, too. When you go to Five Guys, you order, sit down, and wait for your food while noshing on a few-too-many free peanuts, accidentally spoiling your appetite. To me, it's more of a community, weekend lunch type of atmosphere. You hear me? I want to go to Five Guys as a treat, in between stops at the Christmas Tree Shop and Costco on my errand-filled Saturdays. Wendy's? Not so much.

Maybe it has to do with the aesthetics. I just don't walk into a Wendy's and think, I'd love to sit down here and stay for a while. Nevertheless, the company is planning on obtaining this higher standard of fast food by launching a full breakfast menu and a new burger, called "W," in the coming months. The burger will be $2.99, falling price-wise in between the value menu cheeseburger at $0.99 and the premium Dave's Hot 'N Juicy cheeseburger, which can cost up to $6.

Whether or not I'm all for Wendy's becoming more "fast casual," I am all for more options. So bring it on, you adorable redheaded mascot, you. My taste buds are ready!

Do you eat at Wendy's? What's your favorite thing to order there?


Image via Like_The_Grand_Canyon/Flickr

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