'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: A Bloody Good Victory

Edward LeeThe first two episodes of season nine of Top Chef: Texas have been a bubbly blur of chefs and dishes with no real standouts that stick for more than a few minutes. Edward Lee, however, made his bloody mark on the competition tonight, and it's likely no one will forget it anytime soon.

Edward was first residing among the bubble people -- those exiled to "The Bubble" when their cooking wasn't quite good enough for an initial chef's jacket, but not quite bad enough to be sent home just yet. During the elimination round, while preparing a duck dish, he cut one of his fingers. Blood was gushing everywhere, but he kept cooking. Even as a paramedic tried to work on his hand, Lee didn't stop. He said he'd gladly cut off his arm or cook with his toes. Damn.


Now that's a pretty committed chef, and bonus: The judges loved his dish. I'm going to go ahead and say he's going to be a major competitor this season. Someone that tough and dedicated isn't going to go down without a major fight. Plus, he's from Louisville, Kentucky, instead of some fancy big city restaurant, which makes him extra likable. Bring it.

Grayson Schmitz took the other remaining spot from the bubble, but at this point, Edward is definitely my pick for front runner. As for the rest of the bubble people -- at least they're free now. Even if they're not staying to compete, they've finally been released from that weird little room.

The final group also got to compete, though it wasn't nearly as exciting as the final battle of the bubble people. For their challenge they had to select an ingredient to cook with, then AFTER they did, they were assigned a time to cook it in. So things like risotto in 40 minutes proved challenging.

And then there were 16 ... now the real challenge can begin. Let's hope there's less blood and more awesome cooking.

Who is your early pick to win Top Chef: Texas?

Image via Bravo

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