20 Awesome Reasons to Go Out for Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving dinner restaurantUnless you're one of those families that has your Thanksgiving Day traditions on lock-down, you might be still wondering where you'll wind up on the most intense mandatory family reunion day of the year. Or I should say, if you're like me, you're still unclear about who is coming over, if you're going somewhere, if you'll be stuck in the kitchen for two days, or if you should just skip the whole thing this year.

While the jury is still out in our household, the temptation to just hit a restaurant and get all the fixin's is a big one right about now. In fact, I think everyone should go that route -- at least once. Here are 20 reasons why you should just go out for Thanksgiving dinner. I'll state the obvious first.

  1. No dishes
  2. No cooking all day for a bunch of cranky ingrates
  3. No one mucking up your clean floors
  4. Or kitchen
  5. Or bathroom (and if that's a regular problem, someone in your family needs a talking to)
  6. No leftovers that you feel guilty about throwing out
  7. No brining
  8. No relatives (hahaha -- kidding my lovely and amazing family!)
  9. No football on in the background
  10. No fighting over the limited number of drumsticks
  11. Being waited on at all times
  12. No one will complain about your cooking
  13. And you won't have to complain about someone else's cooking
  14. No cranberry sauce from a can
  15. No turkey sandwiches for two weeks
  16. No trying to figure out what "giblets" actually are
  17. Expensive liquor means fewer drunk rants from disgruntled family members
  18. Attentive waiters means fewer outbursts from disgruntled family members
  19. Anyone with dietary restrictions can order off the regular menu
  20. Your Thanksgiving day will only last two hours -- at most!

Do you go out to eat on Thanksgiving?


Image via martha_chapa95/Flickr

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