‘Sandusky Blitz’ Ice Cream Proves Celeb-Named Foods Are a Bad Move

ice cream coneUnderstandably, Penn State is doing anything and everything it can to disassociate itself with Jerry Sandusky and the horrific child sex scandal he's caught up in. And, randomly, that includes discontinuing an ice cream flavor called "The Sandusky Blitz" that's been sold at local ice cream shop The Penn State Creamery. The flavor was described as "banana-flavored ice cream with chocolate-covered peanuts and caramel swirl." The flavor "Peachy Paterno," named after coaching legend Joe Paterno, is still available.

Now, the subject of the Sandusky scandal -- and all the sordid details -- is, rightfully, being covered to death, so I'm not going to go there. But I am going to head into "naming ice cream flavors after people" territory. And why it's gotta stop.


With the exception of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, which, let's be honest, is unbelievably delicious, I've never met a celeb-named food that I liked (to say out loud). And for some reason, they always seem to be desserts -- particularly ice cream. 

I get it, it's gimmicky and cute to think of punny names for frozen treats, but the only thing it really accomplishes, in my humble opinion, is making the orderer feel like a jack-ass. Again, Ben and Jerry's is an exception, because, unless you live in Vermont, typically we just buy it by the pint -- hence, not having to say its stupid name out loud. But for the places where you actually have to tell another human being that you'd like two scoops of "Peachy Paterno," it's just plain silly.

Perhaps I'm a killjoy, but when put in these situations, typically I just say what's in the flavor. For instance, when I used to frequent a joint in Los Angeles called Millions of Milkshakes, I would order "a mixed berry shake" instead of "The Lindsay Lohan." And my 31-year-old husband would order "a Snickers and banana shake" instead of "The Justin (Bieber)."

So, why not just put an end to all this madness and call the ice cream what it is? If the Penn State Creamery had abided by such a rule, they wouldn't be forced to discontinue any of its delicious flavors.

Do you like it when treats are named after humans?


Image via stevendepolo/Flickr

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