Kim Kardashian Cocktail Inspires Kooky Party Favor Project

midori kim kardashianYou've tried melon-flavored Midori liqueur, right? It's sweet, fruity, and now Kardashian-endorsed. Use it for a melon martini or a melon margarita or with any other traditional cocktail recipe that's just calling for that special radioactive neon-green, tooth-achingly sweet punch. Tasty fun for all the mommies, riiiiiiiiiight?!?

But why just drink it when you could also craft with it? I have just come across the most ingenious use for Midori Melon. Run -- don't walk -- to your liquor store now because I've got the best cocktail party favor ever. All you need is a silicone container, a paintbrush, and some blank shrink film.


Check out the Kim Kardashian Shrinky Dink Sun Catcher! Clicky on the linky get the instructions for this gem cooked up by the geniuses over at It's the most fun you will ever have with Kim Kardashian because she is not inviting you to any of her Midori-fueled parties any time soon, let's be honest. Doesn't matter how many bottles of the stuff you buy.

And that gets me wondering, does anyone actually like melon-flavored liquor? How did this endorsement even come about? Apparently when she turned 30, Kim decided to loosen her no-drinking rule -- and Midori turned out to be, like, "the perfect choice of drinks for me because, you know, it wasn't so strong and it's just so good." She helped get people interested in the green stuff again in the spring around St. Patrick's day (get it? GREEN?) and last month she attended a Midori-sour-themed Halloween party clad in poison ivy vines.

Okay, whatever. Back to the shrinky dinks. I highly recommend you try making these sun catchers while drinking your Kardashian-sponsored cocktail. Oooh, even better, you could throw a Midori shrinky-dink party for all your girlfriends! You could ALL wear green poison ivy dresses! Squeee!

Which do you like better, melon-flavored cocktails or melon-flavored shrinky dinks?


Image via Midori

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