Fast Food's Biggest Customer Is a Shocker

fast foodAll right, friends and neighbors, where have you been hiding the wrappers? Come on, spill! You've been eating fast food behind my back, haven't you? You know about my militant organic healthy food stand, and you think I'm going to judge you if I see you chowing down on an Unhappy Meal, right?

Well I'm onto you. I've been laboring under the delusion that it's mostly lower-income people who consume fast food. What a fool I was! But now I know -- it's you middle-class eaters who be gobbling the burgers up. Researchers at the University of California, Davis have discovered that the more money you make, the more often you eat fast food. It's been happening right before my eyes -- you've all been hitting up the burger bars and I've been none the wiser!


I mean, I knew that people on food stamps weren't eating fast food because in most states that's not allowed. But what I've always considered a cheap meal is starting to look more expensive. Apparently it costs $28 to feed a family of four burgers, fries, and soft drinks. Sheesh, for about $15 I can feed my family a roast chicken and salad. And they will freakin' LOVE it. But then, you do need at least an hour for that chicken to roast -- which means we're headed into time-is-money territory. And we're all short on both these days.

Still, what's the deal? I thought we were all on the same page about this! You mean other college-educated, middle-income people are waltzing into junk food joints and ordering up value meals to the tune of $28? What is that like? Does it feel kind of edgy and dangerous, or does it just feel like Tuesday? Tell me, I'm really curious. I promise I won't judge. You can stop hiding the White Castle bags now. Let's talk. No, I'm serious. This news has seriously turned my whole fast-food-is-cheap paradigm upside down!

Are you surprised to learn that it's middle-income people who eat the most fast food?


Image via ebruli/Flickr

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