Exclusive Club Makes Members Drink Dead Man's Toe (VIDEO)


sourtoe cocktail clubI have an exciting opportunity for you all to become a part of a super cool club. It's a little far away, up in Canada, at a happenin' little spot called the Downtown Hotel. What sort of club is it, you ask? It's a club where all you have to do is drink a cocktail with a human toe floating in it!

You did read that right, yes. It's quite easy to become a member of the so-called Sourtoe Cocktail Club. Why, all you have to do is hand over $5 to a bartender and consume a drink with a real, dehydrated, salt-preserved toe in the bottom! To truly be considered a member, you need to have your lips actually touch the toe.

Sounds super-duper exciting, right? Okay, so who's with me?!!

Goes and vomits in nearest trash can.

Yes, the club is real. Yes, it's a real human cadaver toe in the bottom of that glass. In fact, it's one of several toes that the Downtown Hotel has for the sampling, preserved in pickling salt and ripe for the slurping. Sip the toe with any hard liquor of your choice, and earn yourself the title of a "sourtoer" -- as long as the toe touches your lips at the end. Swallowing it, however, is a no-no.

I know, you've got to be dying wondering how the hell this all started. Well, the story goes that a man by the name of Captain Dick Stevenson found the "first toe" in a cabin he bought. That toe, as legend would have it, belonged to a man who got frostbite -- and naturally the cold ol' chum decided that since the digit was a goner, he may as well keep it in a jar for sentimental reasons.

I'm not exactly sure why in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks Stevenson thought, after finding the jar, that putting the toe in a drink was a good idea. In fact, why in the world he would actually touch it is beyond me. But he did. Since then, many have come from far and wide to prove they're man enough (read: absolutely out of their minds) by slurping some toe juice.

I'm horrible at taking shots as it is. The thought of taking a shot with this turd-looking thing in the bottom of my glass makes me tremble. WHY? Yeah, they say the toe is "sterile" -- but COME ON, people! We're dealing with a dead human body part here. What's next? Is there a special opportunity going on in the Downtown Hotel's spa where customers can bathe in some stranger's semen, too?

I feel like I may need to vomit again. If you have the guts, check out one brave reporter's toe taste, here:

Would you dare to sip the toe juice? What's the grossest thing you've ever drunk?


Image via YouTube

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Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Is it the same toe that just gets reused?

Not that I would do that, just wondering.

I've never drank anything nasty (that I know of).

I did watch my best friend in high school drink from her step-dad's red Solo cup full of chewing tobacco spit. I could have stopped her, but I wanted a good laugh.


prplecat prplecat

I bet it's easier if you're already drunk...

Bekki... BekkieBoodle

meh... its soaked in alcohol.... its fine.  lol.  Heck... I'd take a shot!!  hahahaaaaa!!!!

Bmat Bmat

No I wouldn't. I'd find different friends.  The grossest thing I've had to drink was milk that was spoiled.

tuffy... tuffymama

This is so disturbing to me. Why is it legal? It's a dead human toe! Freakin' Canadians.

JK! LOL! I know drunks are kooky all over the world.

slw123 slw123

Never in this lifetime would I do that.  Not even trashed could I be talked into doing it.  That is 2 things on my list that I wouldn't do even if I was trashed off my ass....1) drinking a dead guys toe and 2) karaoke.

nonmember avatar Jay

Yeah...been there for Canada Day a few years back. NBD.

Carenann Carenann

Yeah, I'd do it. That kind of stuff doesn't bother me at all... eating it though, no way!

navygf07 navygf07

interesting video! it's like having the worm at the bottom of your shot but only bigger hahaha! on that note I do not do straight anything has to be mixed with something. plus I am not that big of a drinker these days. 

Heather Bliss

I am a Canadian but on the end closer to the SW of the US border *we are assuredly more sane here then those nutters all the way up in Dawson* but I still think I could count on both hands all the people I know who would still try this,,, they'd all want that certificate! ahahaha :P

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