Pippa Middleton's Book Deal Sounds Like a Royal Pain


pippa middletonPippa Middleton's butt is in trouble. Don't worry, not her actual buttocks, but you know figuratively speaking, Pippa's ass is on the line. After word got around that the world's most famous little sister (take that Ashlee, Ali, and Solange) was getting $1.5 million to pen a book about party planning and etiquette, people were kind of pissed off. The Telegraph reports that Pips' been in talks with publishers for a while now and that things are getting serious.

The "Pippa factor" may have sold a few handbags and launched a few fan blogs, but this party planning book may be the one thing that could burst that bubble.

It's not like she planned the royal wedding, after all. And etiquette, hmm. Wasn't she photographed dancing with a dude in her bra with bottles of booze in the background? Sounds fun, but ... that doesn't really necessarily display the characteristics of someone who's a supposed expert on manners, decorum, and propriety.

Her family owns a party supplies business so Pippa is no stranger to the game, but to say that Kate has nothing to do with this humongous book deal would be a bit unfair. There are plenty of successful, well-known party planners in this world who could actually share tried and true tips on throwing the best fete, but Pippa isn't one of them. She's a perma-tanned beauty and pseudo-royal who's in the spotlight because of her relatives, not because of her expertise.

And I'm not the only one who thinks this is a bad idea; not many people are fans of Pippa's alleged contract. The U.K. economy is not that great and to hand over money for a fluff piece written by someone related to Kate Middleton is ticking off a lot of Britons. And I'd have to agree that it's midly perturbing. Pippa seems like a smart, beautiful and resourceful woman -- she doesn't need anything handed to her. Kate's coattails probably look like a lot of fun to ride, but she shouldn't hop on just because it's easy. Pippa seems better than that.

Do you think Pippa should write a party planning book?


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Leele... Leelee1008

I dont really care honestly.

babyb... babybirch

I agree with the above comment ... Pippa had her fifteen minutes of very, very gratuitous and over-exaggerated fame .

dixie... dixiegurl223626

If that is what she wants to do. I dont really care

EliSays EliSays

I don't care. I also see nothing wrong with it. 

aj23 aj23

If someone wants to pay her why shouldn't she do it. I won't be buying the book.

Chari... Charizma77

she should do what she wants,  why should I care?

KamiB79 KamiB79

Whatever she wants to do.

Bmat Bmat

I'd have to see proof of why she is suitable for doing it.  Maybe it is for some specialty parties that she throws.

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