4 Outrageous Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey

alternatives to turkey on thanksgivingAre you tired of the same old, same old for Thanksgiving dinner? Is Tom the Turkey simply not in the cards for this year's celebration? Perhaps you're heeding Ellen's call to save a turkey life, yet you won't feel so bad if other animals go the way of the gun/knife/food processor. Well, you are in serious luck as there are apparently a lot of people just like you who want to switch up their turkey day. They're not all people who don't like blood on their hands; in fact, some of them apparently want as much blood on their hands as possible.

But if you follow these leads, you too can shock and awe your Thanksgiving day guests with four crazy turkey alternatives.


Pork E. Pigskin -- Introducing a Bacon Pig

Yes, it's a pig-shaped meal made entirely from pork. Pork is so incredibly versatile, as witnessed by the ingredients in this masterpiece: bacon, ham, sausage, pork rind, Vienna sausage nose. Slice into that dish, and no one will remember what a turkey even is.


Even though everyone in my husband's family says this is a big "no," if you're going vegan for turkey day, what's more fun than a Tofurky? Apparently anything if you ask my husband. Still, I say go for the Tofurky with all the fixin's and live with a clean conscience while dazzling your guests with faux giblets.

Quail With Ginger-Cranberry Pilaf

Nothing says, "Let's go hunting with the dogs after dinner" like serving up little personalized quails with a side of ginger-cranberry pilaf for Thanksgiving. What makes this so outrageous? Everyone gets their own quail. I mean, seriously, if you're not Martha Stewart, why are you doing this to yourself and your sanity?


It's about time you really went for it and wowed your guests with the turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with chicken, amiright? Order up a turducken now and the only thing you'll have to worry about is whether you want it stuffed with pork sausage or seafood jambalaya. For real. That's how rad this thing is.

What are you serving up for Thanksgiving dinner?


Image via Anthony Quintano/Flickr

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