BK Pizza Shaped Burger Takes Supersize Too Far

burger king pizza burgerPerhaps the mini food movement isn't as popular as I once thought. Or at least not in Japan where, ohmygod what is that thing???? Just in time for the holidays, Burger King Japan has introduced a pizza-sized burger in two delicious (?) flavors: Cheese Nacho and Avocado. Because one can't eat only one normal-sized burger in cheese nacho flavor. Those are tortilla chips covered in nacho cheese right in the middle of that burger, right? GAH.

Now I usually won't turn away a nacho, nor a burger, but really those two items should never meet. And they especially shouldn't meet up, get evaluated by some brainiac at the Burger King HQ, and inspire the following response, "Hey, let's supersize that!"

But maybe you like that kind of thing, because you're an American.


I'll admit to not always knowing what is big in Japan, but I kind of thought the idea was fresh fish, healthy grains, and sake. It seems introducing Burger King pizza-sized burgers into that society could completely upend the ecosystem and cause another epic earthquake. We're used to this kind of thing over here in the U.S., where people take pride in eating until they go into cardiac arrest. But it seems cruel to thrust that upon an unsuspecting people who massage their cows and rely on soy for protein instead of, say, hot dogs.

All of this is to say, on behalf of America, I'm sorry Japan. This kind of unwieldy food trend should never have made it to your shores. Now let's see if you can accomplish something we've never been able to: Make this be the last food abomination in the land.

Would you eat this nacho cheese burger?

Image via Burger King Japan

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