5 Places You'll Be Desperate for New Purse That Holds Wine

baggy winecoat wine in a purseI've got to believe that this handbag that holds boxed wine is meant to be a hilarious gag gift and not an indication of how many winos there are in the world. The "Baggy Winecoat" ($56) allows you to carry a plastic bag of wine stylishly, easily, and, most important, discreetly, and pour a glass from the rubber spigot whenever thirst arises. It seems pretty gratuitous, right? WRONG! Here are five instances in which wine in a purse is totally necessary.


1. To liven up a meeting at the office. Now, in my office, this has never been a problem, but I have heard horror stories from people at other jobs about excruciatingly boring meetings that lag for hours and hours. If that PowerPoint deck seems particularly endless, just pour a little vino from Pursey here into coffee mugs and pass around the conference table. It will be over in no time!

2. To ease the commute home. By the time you trek all the way to the subway after a hard day's work, and fight over (and lose!) a seat to that really mean lady, life just doesn't seem worth living. Only one thing can make you feel better. That's right: Classy handbag wine purse.

3. When you want your man to hold your bag. Do you know those times when you have 45 things in your hands and you just need your boyfriend, or husband, or partner, or whatever to carry your purse for a few seconds so you can get your bearings? C'mon, we all have those times. Well, with this thing, there won't be any chance of him saying no to your request.

4. A surprise run-in with Ramona Singer. Obviously, something as tacky as a handbag with a spigot to make wine on the go that much easier has this Real Housewife's name written all over it. The only problem? Snooki will be really jealous.

5. In line at the DMV. No doubt we've all aged a few years waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles for this, that, or the other thing. Use that time to replenish your antioxidants; share with the people around you and make instant friends (which will come in handy when it's time to find an alternative way home).

Now that we're through the list, I'm starting to wonder how we've survived without wine in a purse until now! This must be mine.


Image via Scandinavian Design Center

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