10 Creative Uses for Extra Halloween Candy

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If you are anything like me, in a few short hours, you are going to have more leftover Halloween candy than you know what to do with.

Personally, I've vowed not to gain 10 pounds in junk before Thanksgiving this year. How? By re-purposing the candy before I have a chance to gobble it all up from the kids, of course. Since there is nothing I find as irresistible as a big bowl of candy, I'm planning on at least a few of the following ...

1. Put the candy on a top shelf reserved for babysitters. It's always a plus to have the best snacks on the block.

2. Bake into brownies and freeze for future bake sales and last-minute desserts.

3. Potty train! With an endless supply of Skittles and M&M's, now is as good a time as any.

4. Create a Halloween wreath for next year. Grab a styrofoam wreath and a glue gun, and go candy crazy.

5. Make candy vodka. OK, so not the healthiest option, but certainly one of the most enjoyable.

6. Save it for holiday gingerbread houses.

7. Donate it. Nursing homes, doctors' offices, shelters, troops abroad -- who doesn't love a little Mary Jane? Of the peanut butter and molasses variety, of course.

8. Create an advent calendar for the kids.

9. Stuff candy into a piñata and save for a birthday party. (Or a really bad day.)

10. Oh, hell, just eat it. Who are we kidding?


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Logan... LoganTroyMom

we are stoked for halloween here. Mostly cause Daddy and i know we get 95 percent of our 3yo boys candy. He gets a little bag with age appropriate treats from his stash and gets to nosh on them at snacktimes (lasts him a few weeks usually) and we snag the rest ;) bad? Maybe. But only a year or 2 maybe left that we can do that without him realizing it. Candy vodka we will have to try too, but im pregnant this year so it will have to wait! Does it work with clear rum?

Lynette Lynette

my kids have a lot of allergies so the extra and the stuff they can't eat go to work w/ Dad to be set out in the break room

tuffy... tuffymama

I loathe the candy that comes into the house on Halloween. Tomorrow I'm making batches of the Candy Bars recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor, and taking them and some candy to friends and the nursing home. Get it out!

lilmogo lilmogo

Love the wreath idea and I ADORE the candy vodka recipe! Probably not safe to drink the vodka while handling the hot gluu gun though!

Tiffany Cleary

we sell ours back to a local dentist for $1 a pound and the dentist donates it for our military men and women serving over seas.

Chari... Charizma77

I can hide it easily from the kids, it's me that has the issues. I should just give it away or toss it...

Serap... Seraphinasmom

Love the pinata idea :) - especially the (Or a really bad day.) part :)

nonmember avatar Sarah W

After a long Halloween day that started with the morning talk show costume shenanigans, was filled with inane media Halloween content, and is ending with a sugar crash and somewhat tighter jeans, this article really actually did have some great ideas! The chocolate calls to me so I love the idea of chopping it up and baking it into cookies and brownies to freeze.

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