Fake McDonald's Twitter Account Died Too Soon

mcdonalds fries
Fries not actually laced with acid
For just a few short hours yesterday, a certain Twitter stream sent out a few 140-character bursts of audacious sass that caused a ripple of squeals among the handful of people who saw them. It was like a naughty streaker flashing across a football field before being tackled by the authorities and carted off in handcuffs.

The culprit used a look-alike handle: @McDonaIdsUSA -- using a capital "i" instead of a lower-case L (in other words, @mcdonaidsusa). And they used McDonald's real logo, which is probably why Twitter suspended the account this morning. Dang, that was fast! Check out what the fake McTweeter posted that caused Twitter to sack it so quickly.

This #Halloween, let McDonald's LSD-25-soaked Faux Fries® teach your children the true meaning of fear. Get in the spirit. I'm Lovin' It™


Ouch! And also, LSD-soaked French fries? I wish! I mean -- that is so wrong. But wait, there was more:

McDonald's is proud to announce the winner of our in-store drawing for 6-MONTHS of FREE CHEMOTHERAPY: Congratulations @robdelaney!

@georgelazenby Our products are known to increase the chances of cancer - especially in the thyroid and mammary glands of young women. #PSA

Try The New Turkey & Dressing McFlurry® Treat the kids to the creamy goodness of our genetically modified 7 foot turkeys. I'm Lovin' It.™

McDonald's now offering outpatient tumor ablation and in-house... [rest of post lost]

The fake Twitter account went live Wednesday afternoon or evening, and by Thursday morning, the account was suspended, leaving behind almost no traces. Ah, but this is the Internet age, where nothing ever truly disappears! I captured some of the tweets via Facebook and the others via Tweeteorites.

So, is this the work of an ordinary prankster or an activist trying to warn the public of the dangers of McDonald's food? Either way, I'm sad to see it go. I doubt it posed a real threat to the corporate behemoth, which has countless loyal fans. And we all know McDonald's isn't exactly a purveyor of the healthiest food. Also, no one was fooled into thinking it was the real McDonald's Twitter account, especially without that little "verified user" icon. If anything, it just made the haters laugh for a few minutes. Is that really so terrible?

Most likely, the real McDonald's had nothing to do with Twitter's decision to pull the account. The Twitter rules are pretty clear about impersonating others and the unauthorized use of trademarks. No surprise to see Twitter "disappeared" the fakers. But get ready to see more of the same. We're living in a time when people are frustrated with corporations and are finding clever ways to voice their dissent. This could be just the beginning.

Is the fake McDonald's tweeter just harmless fun or totally out of bounds?


Image via Evelyn Giggles/Flickr

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