'Top Chef Just Desserts' Season 2 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is ...

Top Chef Just DessertsTonight the sugar fest came to an end, and the winner of Top Chef Just Desserts was crowned. If you don't want to know who it was, stop reading now ... spoilers ahead.

Unfortunately, it didn't end the way I was hoping and thought it would. I was really rooting for Sally Camacho, and I thought she nailed it tonight. Every element of her work was stellar from her impeccable entremet to the heartfelt plated dish inspired by her mother and sister. The only thing the judges found fault with was that her chocolate spheres weren't perfectly sealed, and that one of her sous chefs (former contestant Orlando Santos) did most of the work on her showpiece. But that's why they were given sous chefs -- to help them with the work. It doesn't seem fair that she lost points for knowing how to best utilize her team, but she did.


Matthew Petersen was clearly in third place the whole way. He should have used chocolate instead of sugar work, but he was trying to be risky. It didn't pay off. Also, his playground dessert was cute because it was inspired by his daughter, but it was just odd looking, and odd to eat as well, according to the judges. So it was really between Sally and Chris Hanmer in the end. 

Chris impressed with his industrial showpiece and the fact that he did all the work himself (which he totally bragged about), but -- and this is a BIG but, if you ask me -- his fell apart. One of the rolls he had affixed to it fell off and was lying upside down on the table when the judges approached. I thought that definitely gave Sally the edge, and that his disconnected story for his plated dessert sealed the deal for her. But no such luck. Chris won the title and the $100,000, which is sweet for him, but I feel like Sally got a sour deal.

Up next week: Top Chef Texas. Yeehaw!

Were you happy that Chris Hanmer won Top Chef Just Desserts?

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