Edible Food Spray Paint Is What We've Been Waiting For

food spray paintI have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that there's edible spray paint that we can spray all over our foods! The bad news is that it's not yet available in the States. Total bummer, I know, but we can still learn more about it and dream big dreams about eating gold-plated turkeys and silver-coated carrots. Hopefully Germany-based company Deli Garage will figure out how to ship to the good old U.S. of A. soon because if there's one place where synthetic food coverings will thrive, it's America.


Supposedly, Esslack Food Spray is odorless and tasteless, but I will not vouch for that until I've bitten into an apple covered in the stuff. Oh, and apparently it's not the FDA or anything that's holding this back from being sold in the States, but I can't confirm that either.

What I can confirm is that it looks absolutely awesome. I would totally love to spray paint my Thanksgiving turkey in a nice, matte gold hue that would really impress my guests. I'd paint my Christmas Eve hams red, 'tis the season, and I'd spray paint the crap out of some sugar cookies, just for kicks.

food spray paint

I hope the company gets it together and starts shipping stateside because I think we all need this ASAP. It would be great for Halloween foods (silver pumpkin seeds, yum!) and maybe for everyday foods for the kids. If the little ones hate salad, would they hate gold-plated salad?? Or blue broccoli? Or red salmon loaf? Hmm ...

Would you try it?


Photos via the-deli-garage.com

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