Mini Desserts Still Make You Fat

mini dessert trendSmall and cute is where it's at, everybody. Right after hailing the hand pie, another article comes out that inspires me to take on the mini cupcake, cookie, and cannoli. Apparently desserts everywhere are getting miniaturized and it's crazy popular. The New York Times highlights these micro desserts, which appear to be all over the city as New Yorkers pop them in their mouths as quick as they can.

This small food trend makes sense. We're in a crappy economy and these little desserts are much less expensive than the fatties that some bakeries churn out. We're all getting a bit more health conscious, and as the article points out, there are already major brands creating 100-calorie packs of treats. So this should be a healthy -- financial and otherwise -- trend, right?

As someone who used to work across the street from one of the featured tiny cupcakeries in this article, I have to say the small cupcake racket has one big problem.


You eat like a million of them to make up for their small size. Or maybe that's just me. No, I'm pretty sure that when given multiple tiny foods (think M&M's, peanuts, pretzels), we all chow down without counting. One expert agrees that “nobody forgets how many tacos or pieces of pizza they've eaten ... but people are terrible at estimating how many chicken wings they've had.”

I'll tell you how many of those mini cupcakes I had on a regular basis: three. Regularly, I would eat three of the minis, which surely equalled one regular-sized cupcake, right? True, I was getting three different flavors if I ordered with abandon, and the cost was still relatively low. But I didn't stop at one, and I'm guessing it might be hard to stop at one 100-calorie snack pack also.

Still -- super cute! It's impossible to resist such cuteness and deliciousness. Just beware that tiny voice whispering in your ear, "There's no room for calories in there!" It's totally lying.

What do you think about this mini trend?


Image via Baked by Melissa

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