President Obama Calls Out Michelle for Being a Halloween Grinch

president obama on jay lenoPresident Obama went on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Tuesday night and spoke about several hot button issues, including the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and the GOP's "one-term president" goal. Leno got the president to talk about some lighter topics, too -- namely, Obama's love for fried food and how he and his family celebrate Halloween at the White House. Surprisingly, Obama had some rather "harsh" words for Michelle -- everyone's favorite obesity-fighting First Lady -- and her Halloween traditions.


Here's President Obama complaining joking about Michelle on Halloween:

Halloween's coming up, and she's been giving -- for the last few years -- the kids fruit and raisins in their bags ... And I said, "The White House is going to get egged if this keeps up. You need to throw some candy in there."

I can't help but giggle at the image of the White House be pelted with eggs. But Obama definitely makes a good point here: There's nothing more deserving of some good old-fashioned eggy mischief than raisins on Halloween. All the president wants, he told Leno, is "a couple Reese's Pieces or something."

Of course, this is in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to what Mrs. Obama herself told us at a recent round-table discussion at the White House. During that conversation, she led us to believe that the Obamas get their candy fix on Halloween just like every other American family. Sure, she doesn't let Sasha and Malia keep candy in their rooms, and she balances out the occasional sugar rush with healthy, well-balanced meals. But the point is, she doesn't skip candy altogether on Halloween like Barack seems to suggest.

So, who should we believe? It sounds to me like maybe the First Lady and her daughters are hiding all the good stuff from poor old dad.

Here's a link to the Halloween conversation on Leno. (It starts around 2:40.)


Image via NBC

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