Popularity of Stealing Cheese Makes Perfect Sense

stealing cheeseShoplifting food is a very sad thing. Or a very drunk thing if you're in college and just spent your last two dollars on cigarettes and really, really, really need brownies. But I digress (and admit NOTHING). But the fact is shoplifting food, or "shrinkage" as they call it in the food retail world, is a criminal act that is increasing across the globe in these dark economic times. So much so that the Centre for Retail Research decided to see what foods are stolen most often to try and make sense of this uptick in food thievery.

It actually comes as little surprise to me that the most stolen food item in the world is cheese. While the article on Care2Causes theorizes that cheese is a health conscious, nutritious food and therefore points to people who are genuinely hungry and in need, I have a different take.


Cheese is being stolen because cheese is freaking awesome. I mean, is there no food better than cheese? NONE. Nothing beats cheese, be it melted, on a cracker, on your burger, heck, even on broccoli. Cheese is the word. Also, it's found in a package, is compact, and can easily be hidden under a trench coat. Voila! Cheese thieving made simple.

It seems these cheese swipers, like me, have good taste as the next most stolen items read like my grocery store wish list: fresh and cooked premium meats, candy, and alcohol. That, my friends, sounds like a delicious, illegal dinner party.

Also high on the list of food being stolen in North America is infant formula. Now that is truly sad, as no one is throwing a BBQ using formula. And even though it is dairy, like its partner in stolen goods, the cheese -- if you're stealing baby formula, your life most likely does not include baked brie appetizers.

We recently had a food drive at my daughter's school where requests were made for peanut butter and canned tuna fish, for the protein value. I'm thinking next time I'm throwing in some Laughing Cow to our local food bank. Because everyone deserves cheese.

Cheese rules!

What would you think the most stolen food would be in your neighborhood?


Image via Patrick Hoesly/Flickr

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