McDonald's Chicken McBites Are Totally McGenius

mcdonald's mcbitesI am a health foodie, no question about it. For the most part, I try to stay away from the king of all fast food, McDonald's, because once I start noshing down, I can't stop. It's just so yummy!

Even so -- when I heard about the chain's newest menu item coming January 2012, I legitimately could not contain my excitement. Ready for it? The McGeniuses are going to start selling their take on popcorn chicken, Chicken McBites. Boom.

The McBites (read: little pieces of heaven) will come in four-ounce packages at 330 calories, six ounces at 495 calories, or 12 ounces at 990 calories, and will be priced from $1.99 to $4.99.

Here's why this is such great news:


The McBites are among three new additions to the McDonald's menu next year. The others are blueberry banana nut oatmeal and a 100 percent fruit-juice slush called a Cherry Berry Chiller. Mmmm, my mouth is watering more and more by the second!

But I think the big question here is this: If the golden arches already sell chicken nuggets and chicken selects, then what's the deal with this 2012 McBite size? Well, they could be trying to up the ante and compete with their fried chicken competitors like Chick-Fil-A, KFC, or Popeyes. But I think it's because when it comes down to it, popcorn chicken is the best kind. I mean it! While nuggets and selects are great in their own way, there's something about the popcorn size. It's small enough that every bite has a crisp to it, and the product name just makes the miniature pieces sound so lovable and easy to eat.

Granted, my waistline probably won't be thankful for this wonderful new menu item, but what the hey -- I've stayed far enough away from McDonald's for long enough that a McBite or two here and there would be a-okay with me.

Currently, the McBites are rumored to only be available in U.S. test markets in the Detroit and Phoenix areas (as well as some other countries like Australia). Not to worry -- only two months and change until the crunchy goodness goes nationwide!

Are you as stoked about McBites as I am?

Image via AnneCN/Flickr

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