7,000 Bottles of Wine Crash to the Floor in Tragic Shelf Collapse (VIDEO)

sheboygan wine storeThis is one of those videos that is so graphic, it should be pulled from the Internet. It's hard to watch, the pain and violence are just so real. I'm surprised the Sheboygan, Wisconsin news didn't put a warning in front of the 20-second clip -- there could be kids watching this stuff!

I'm talking of course about the horrifying shelf collapse at Superior Discount Liquor. It's an utterly disturbing and heartbreaking scene. Makes you feel so small, so helpless. All this booze gone in a matter or seconds. Really makes you appreciate every moment you have here on Earth, you know? Life is so fickle.


The surveillance camera captured the catastrophe on film. If you've got a strong stomach and nerves of steel, you can watch as over 7,000 bottles of wine fall from the shelves, sending a blood red wave of alcohol gushing across the cold, cold floor. The store reports that the crash and resultant deluge of booze happened all in a matter of 10 seconds. A terrible, terrible 10 seconds.

The wine avalanche happened this summer, but the video's just been released. Not shown are the diligent employees who started cleaning up the mess with snow shovels, shop vacuums, and what I imagine would be a curly straw or two. I'm an expert wine sucker-upper from the floor, so I wish I had been there to share my fool-proof techniques with them, like how you should only sip from the top and what to do when you inevitably swallow some shards of glass. The risk is worth the reward. Trust.

If you think you can handle it, watch the wine landslide:

How do you feel?


Photo via YouTube

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