Freaky Mutant Garden Veggies Too Weird to Eat (PHOTOS)

tomato with boobsI love those weird mutant vegetables you occasionally get in your garden. You can have your prize-winning tomatoes, your record-breaking giant pumpkins. But give me the wacky two-legged carrot, the vulgar parsnip that appears to have man-bits, the tomato that needs a bra.

I mean, come on. What else do you think of when you see this tomato? Well hello there, missy. Looks like someone is ready for her fitting at Victoria's Secret. Hubba hubba. What else you got there in your garden?


double tomato

Take this double tomato here. This isn't a trick of lighting. This really is two tomatoes fused together. Folks, you can't get fruit and veggies like these at the supermarket.






male tomatoOh and look, it's Boobie Tomato's boyfriend. Please don't make me spell out how I came to this conclusion. And yes, this tomato is glad to see you. 






tomato with handleAnd this little number comes with its own little handle. Cute! 






seal carrot weirdIf you've ever tried growing your own carrots, you know that they can sometimes come out in just plain weird shapes, like this seal-shaped one. See its little flippers on the sides?





carrots in loveSome carrots fall in love right there in the ground. Awwww! Young veggie love. 









funny potatoIs this an extra-scary giant superbug MRSA cell or just a potato? 









funky radish

This funky radish looks almost more like a garlic bulb. Okay, it's not WEIRD! weird, but still a vegetable that defies expectations. 







parsnip with naughty bitsI saved the best for last. As promised, the parsnip with male naughty bits. Why I never! Put some pants on young root! 









Did you pull up any crazy surprises from your garden this year?

Images via Dan ZenDigital Sextant, Cindy Funk, barbbarbbarb, renecunningham, lightlady, really nothing, Linda N., daveyjane/Flickr

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