Tiny 'Hand Pies' Will Crush Cupcakes as Hottest Dessert

hand pieI realize this might sound crazy, but I'm over cupcakes. As someone who used to live close enough to Magnolia Bakery to get a fix anytime I wanted (and I wanted, oh, I wanted) and have embraced the cupcake movement fully, this is kind of a big deal. But I think cupcakes have gotten too big for their britches. I mean, you can go on a cupcake cruise, for Pete's sake.

It's high time someone came along and offered us something new, something less cake-y. (Which means, sorry cake pops, your time is coming to an end as well.) And that something is called a hand pie. You know you want it.


The hand pie seems to be all over Washington, D.C., according to The Washington Post. It also seems to be taking over the hearts and minds of Washingtonians. Or D.C.'ers, or whatever you call people in The District. And why not? Have you seen these delicious crusty tiny things? It's pie ... that can fit into your hand!

Whether you're looking for a sweet berry hand pie, or a savory tomato and mozzarella (YUM), the hand pie people seem to be creative in their concoctions. While I haven't seen these yet in Los Angeles (where I live and eat), I did just check out a website for gluten-free pie makers, Simply Pies in Santa Barbara (where I'm visiting this weekend). Guess what? Hand pies for us gluten-free types! Except they call them pielets. Cute.

This means I can start my big conversion from cupcakes to hand pies as early as this evening. It's going to be glorious. I suggest you start scouring your neighborhood as well for this new trend. Alternately, start your own hand pie food truck, before someone else does.

What do you think about the hand pie?


Image via O'B. Sweet

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