Jon Bon Jovi Thinks Great Food Can Be Cheap

jon bon jovi restaurantWhen it comes to making a huge difference in the health and well-being of your fellow man, it doesn't get much better than Jon Bon Jovi's new restaurant Soul Kitchen. A "pay what you can" restaurant that serves up local, healthy, food to anyone who wants to give a donation or take a job working in the kitchen or gardens; it's truly a gift to the community of Red Bank, New Jersey. And proof yet again that you don't have to choose junk food if you don't have a lot of money.

Granted, the Soul Kitchen that harvests food from its own community garden and buys the rest at Whole Foods, is only in New Jersey right now. But the rocker and his wife plan to open up Soul Kitchens all over the country. I don't think I've had this many warm feelings for JBJ since the release of "Slippery When Wet." This is great news for people in need. But even if you don't have the Soul Kitchen option, there are a lot of other ways to healthy, and cheap.


You can now use your state's version of "food stamps" at local Farmer's Markets to buy local and organic food. Even if you aren't on food stamps, buying food straight from a local vendor is much less expensive than going to your chain supermarket and paying for vegetables imported from Brazil.

If you're not totally down and out, but simply tight on money there are a number of websites that teach you how to cook really great, healthy food, but on a budget. An entire community has been built around The Frugal Foodies, so click on and start eating well, for cheap.

The fact is, you can buy whole grains for pennies, and protein like beans for next to nothing as well. Picking up a few carrots from the Farmer's Market won't set you back, and you've got a healthy delicious meal. And if you live in Red Bank, New Jersey you can work a shift and feed your family some good eats for free.

So skip the 99 cent menu, and try whole foods instead (not Whole Foods -- that place is expensive). And start lobbying Jon Bon for a Soul Kitchen near you.

Would you work for food?


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