'Top Chef Just Desserts' Recap: Fantastic Faux Food

Top Chef Just Desserts
This is dessert!
If you hadn't yet been impressed by this season of Top Chef Just Desserts, tonight surely did the job. With just four chefs remaining, they went straight to the elimination challenge to determine which three chefs would head to the finale next week.

Each chef was asked to choose a country and did so thinking they would be creating a dessert from that country. But of course, there was a twist. Instead they had to create a delicious dessert that looked like a savory food from the country -- aka dessert in disguise.


Chris Hanmer chose France and did an incredible Beef Wellington using puff pastry and chocolate mousse. He even included a side of mashed potatoes made of some kind of almond cream. The judges were impressed, but didn't like the fact that he didn't make his own puff pastry.

Matthew Petersen went Italian, which I thought would be the easiest. He made manicotti, which looked like the real deal, complete with candied "basil" strips. The judges, however, didn't think he pushed himself hard enough, but really liked the faux rolls he served alongside the manicotti. 

Sally Camacho seemed to have the most problem getting into the challenge, but her Cuban sandwich (pictured above) was stellar. The side dishes -- plantain chips and potato salad -- she served alongside pushed her over the top, and she was declared the winner. (Go, Sally!)

Orlando Santos chose Spain and went straight for the paella. While he used some interesting flavors like plum, apricot, and coconut, the judges didn't like the texture of his rice and said his presentation was sloppy. Orlando was sent home, and I can't say I was sad to see this happen. I think he stayed longer than he deserved.

Next week the final three will battle cook it out. My money, or at least my hope, is on Sally, but it's really anybody's game still.

Were you impressed by these faux foods? Who do you want to win?

Image via Bravo

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