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cats named after food
Who You Calling 'Pilchard'?
This week in food has really gone to the dogs ... and now cats. In one of the most head-scratching stories ever appearing on the Internet, it seems there is a trend in the UK of naming pet kitties after food. In fact, three popular cat names in the UK are Saffron, Pringle, and Sushi. Really. What, are people starving over there? Or simply preparing themselves for the imminent economic crash by imagining their house pets as food? Jeez, I hope not.

But it gets better and makes my stomach rumble at the same time.


More popular cat/food names include "Cabbage" and my personal favorite "Captain Haddock." But one of the trendiest I actually had to look up. Pilchard is one hot cat name, and also a type of sardine. How does Pilchard become one of the trendiest cat names? Can someone British fill me in? Because that cat name is confusing.

As a former owner of a "Mittens," I'm not quite getting the appeal. My brother, however, has a dog named "Tater," so obviously he's on board with this foodie trend. I personally can't imagine juxtaposing my food and pets, and wonder how this has gone so far. Usually it's babies that get the "muffin" nicknames, not pets. While I'll certainly tell a chubby-cheeked toddler, "I wanna eat you up!" I will not do the same to a fur ball lying on the couch. Cats just aren't all that appetizing. Not even ones named "Pilchard." Pilchard, for real? You've got to be kidding me, United Kingdom.

Does anyone know what's behind this food trend in naming cats?


Image via Tomi Tapio/Flickr

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