Bunnies and Chickens Deserve to Be Eaten (VIDEOS)

To Sweet to Eat -- or Edible Menace?
Bunnies and chickens, chickens and bunnies. For many people, they're just too adorable to eat, what with their fluffy fur, their comical barnyard struts, their bwak bwak bwak. And when you see them living together -- irresistible! How could any human being with a heart eat these sweet things?

Oh, but not so fast! There's a dark underworld to that sweet farmyard scene, where it's bunny against chicken, chicken against bunny. Animal Farm, people, for realz. Are these deceptively charming little creatures actually furry little tyrants asking to be turned into dinner? Let's find out.


See how well these little guys get along? Awwww, the peaceable kingdom. What could possibly go wrong?

Chickens and bunnies, living together happily with sweet names like Hazel, Ghost, and Salad -- at least until the farmer decides to "harvest" one of them. Dum dum dum! Then you just call them Dinner. Poor things have no idea what's coming. But ... is it me, or are those bunnies just a little bit threatening? From the chickens' perspective, I mean.

Chickens can give just as good as they take. Check out these aggressive chickens bossing around the rabbits like they're living in some sort of police state. Rise up, bunnies! Occupy the Barnyard! (Ahem, next video is perhaps NSFW.) 

You know that annoying guy at the bar who won't leave you alone? And if you weren't there with a bunch of friends, who knows what he'd try to pull? Here's the bunny equivalent. Dude, she's just not that into you! Back off, pervert! Apparently this is pretty common.

Savage beasts! You are all just a bunch of ... of ... animals! Maybe Farmer McGregor was right to eat Peter Rabbit's papa.  

What do you think? Are bunnies and chickens too cute to eat or are they just asking to be turned into stew?

Image via wwarby/Flickr

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