You're Going to Want to Cook With This Dog (VIDEO)

cooking with dogDo you love cooking shows but feel they're missing something? Like, I don't know, man's best friend? If so, Cooking With Dog is for you. No, it's not cooking A dog, it's cooking with a dog. A dog that teaches you how to cook. That's right, a cooking show hosted by a dog named Francis. And Francis makes a mean rue.

So what do you think a dog could teach you that a human couldn't? A lot, it turns out.


Now don't you want to make your own Hayashi rice? Although that is a ton of butter for a rice dish, and one that looks like it should be healthy, but obviously is not. Also, a lot of ingredients to keep track of, which makes me wonder how a poodle was able to wrap her head around this recipe.

Still, I actually learned some fantastic cooking tips from this dog. Her vegetable cutting technique is one to be admired and adopted by all home cooks looking to make attractive and even cutting a reality. Francis also makes me want to buy a rice cooker. I haven't seen a human cooking show that gave me so many helpful hints, like how you should always use a wooden utensil when cooking rue because it gets so hot.

So job well done, Francis! Your cooking show is off to a banner start. I only hope you get to eat some of those vittles you're assisting with. Otherwise, you should consider writing that into your Food Network contract that's surely coming any day now.

How awesome is Cooking With Dog?


Image via YouTube

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