Gunning Down Your Dinner Is Cool

bisonAnd you thought he was just another skinny billionaire geek. Sure, he's rich enough to buy America, but you know he'd just get sand kicked in his face on the beach, right? Not so! Apparently the Zuck has been burnishing his image with guns and giant, furry mammals. Look out Ernest Hemingway (who is dead, yes, I know that), here comes Mark Zuckerberg: He-Man Hunter.

Just a few months ago Zuckerberg vowed the only meat he would ever eat again would be from animals he killed himself. What tasty beasts might Mark slay? I wondered. Ants? Snails, perhaps? Kitty cats? No! According to rumors he has slain and eaten a bison. Will we ever see him the same way again?


The tasty rumor originates from a keynote Zuckerberg gave in September, which included a Facebook photo of a sandwich with the caption "Bison burger." Hmm, photo of meat + Mr. Eats Only What He Kills = hunting trip? Fortune reported that Zuckerberg holds a valid hunting license, and from there the story traveled as fact thanks also to an anonymous source who says the hunting yarn is legit. Whatever, I still want to see a grisly photo of Zuckerberg posing with his kill. I want it and Field & Stream wants it. 

But yes, Mark Zuckerberg, you are a man now.

Zuckerberg isn't the only celebrity trying to reinvent himself through food. Last fall Paula Deen tried to turn around her Butter Queen rep by announcing she would come out with a new line of fresh fruit and vegetables. Whatever happened with that, anyway? Anyone seen Paula Deen Green Beans? Well, it did something because Maxim has now crowned her Hottest Female TV Chef.

We almost forgot all about Alicia Silverstone until she published The Kind Diet. Now she's known as a vegan, a healthy foodie, and an activist

Mariah Carey almost undid her career with the 2001 Popsicle Incident in which she showed up randomly on MTV to strip and hand out Popsicles shortly before she checked into a psychiatric facility. "All I know is I just want one day off when I can go swimming and look at rainbows and like eat ice cream. And maybe like learn how to ride a bicycle." Don't we all, Mariah! Me next. I'm not gonna look as good in those shorts, though.

And apparently, Kristen Stewart's talents are not limited to sulking onscreen or posing awkwardly in designer gowns. She also cooks chicken piccata and, like, steak and veggies and things. Just don't bring it up because it's really, really embarrassing for her. Well, she'll have to overcome her kitchen bashfulness if she wants to join the ranks of culinary hotties like Padma Lakshmi.

Can food transform a celebrity's image?

Image via USFWS Mountain Prairie/Flickr

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