Funnel Cake Topped with Bacon? Yes, Please!

funnel cake baconPeople. We have about five more hours until National Dessert Day is over. I know! So much to do/eat! But before you scurry off to stuff your face with all types of scrumptious goodies, feast your eyes first on this mother: The Funnel Bacakonator. Part funnel cake, part bacon, all awesome, the funnel bacakonator is just the thing to celebrate this holiest of holidays. 


Unfortunately, it might be hard to get our hands on. It's only sold at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Nascar race this weekend in North Carolina (drats!!), but you know, maybe it's a good thing we can't order up five of these and feel are arteries pulse and contract as we guzzle fried bread and bacon down with gallons of Coca-cola. It would be absolutely over-the-top delicious, but I suppose it's a mixed blessing that we can't get our grubby fingers on one. 

And for the record -- that sauce you see there isn't barbecue sauce like I thought it was. No. It's a drizzle of both strawberry and chocolate sauces. Let's do a round down: Funnel cake? Check. Sugary sauces? Check. A mound of bacon big enough to lose a small child in? Check, check, check! It's perfection on a plate.

Also, since it's National Dessert Day, I'm positive that calories don't count today. Yes, I do believe it's scientific fact that our bodies do not store fat on this holiday, nor on our birthdays, and neither Halloween nor Easter, depending on your beliefs. It's one of the greatest things about being American -- these calorie-free days that Uncle Sam has given us are a true blessing.

In these final hours of NDD, I think I'll enjoy a beautiful bread pudding. Truly, there's nothing in the world I love more than a gooey, warm, bite of bread pudding in my mouth. Then again, I've never tried the funnel bacakonator, so I may have spoken too soon.

What do you think of this funnel bacon dream and how are you celebrating National Dessert Day?


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