Man Who Only Eats Roadkill Might be Onto Something

roadkillEver pass roadkill on the side of the road and think: Mmm, dinner? If so, you're either my second cousin Dwayne or Johnathon McGowan, an Englishman who has survived by eating roadkill for the last 30 years. (And Dwayne, if it is you, I'll take that money you owe me any day now.)

McGowan started collecting the poor, lifeless creatures killed by cars in order to save on trips to the supermarket, but now it's become his way of life. In an interview with the Daily Mail, the 44-year-old man shared all types of recipes for everything from owls to pigeons to rats to squirrels.

And believe it or not, McGowan's reason for dining on tire-marked delectables actually makes a lot of sense. It kind of resonates with the part of me who thinks I should only eat organically. But roadkill badger stew for dinner? Who's hungry? (Shut up, Dwayne!)


McGowan says it's better, safer, and healthier to eat roadkill than it is to eat meat sold at a supermarket. Hmm. I get what he's saying. I've seen the documentaries too about how our meat is produced, and for a good hour or two, I swore I'd never eat it again. So I can see how someone with more moral fiber than I would have the ability to just-say-no to a deliciously grilled hot dog and could turn to roadkill instead of eating grocery meat.

That said, I'm not so sure how clean a dead rat is on the side of the road, but McGowan says he makes sure his finds are safe to eat before cooking them up. You know, I hear what McGowan's barking. Speaking of barking, he doesn't say whether or not he's eaten pet roadkill, but he has admitted to eat wild cats. Rrrear!

McGowan tours schools and talks about eating healthy and the choices he's made, and while I don't really think I could follow in his footsteps, I do admire him for his green living. I mean, what's more green than picking up dead animals and eating them? All those people who rent cows on coop farms and only eat the veggies they grow got nothin' on this guy. He's so green, he's neon green.

Now if you'll excuse me, Dwayne's on the horn -- he wants McGowan's recipe for Owl Curry.

What do you think of McGowan's diet? Could you ever eat roadkill?


Photo via Tobyotter/Flickr

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