Law Against Eating and Driving Is Long Overdue


driving while eating banOne of my silliest, yet loudest, fights with my husband in the car went like this: "Are you seriously eating an apple right now?" Him: "Yesth," (crunch, crunch, crunch). Me: "Do you know you could choke and die and run us all into a telephone pole?" Him: (a look that distinctly said, "Are you out of your freaking mind?")

I'm a big advocate for non-distracted driving, and I don't distinguish between talking on the phone and eating your lunch. After all, you can't choke on a phone. Usually. So when Oak Park, Illinois announced they're floating the idea of banning eating while driving, I say, let's do it everywhere! Especially where my husband lives. That guy loves to eat in the car.

Before you say what's the big deal, let me tell you.

I get it. You're a busy person who can't stop and have lunch in one place. You must grab your burger and shove it down your gullet while you're on your way to your next appointment. You're important. Fine. But how important will you be when you're dead or you're in jail?

Yes, I realize I just sounded like my mother. But honestly, we all need to slow it down, especially when we're eating. Oak Park gets that and that's why there is talk about a driving-while-eating ban. I like it! Even though it means my own husband might be arrested while traveling through Illinois.

Also, as someone who has almost been hit head-on twice in the last month by numbskulls who have had something in their hands that wasn't the steering wheel, I say let's focus on driving, people. You can have the cannoli when you get home.

Honestly, a distraction is a distraction is a distraction. Personally, I'm much more distracted by the smell of french fries than a beep on my iPhone that alerts me when I have a text message. And it's better for your digestion. There, I sounded like my mother yet again. But you know what? She was right.

Let's eat where we're supposed to: At our desks, all alone.

Do you think there should be a ban on driving while eating?


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MrsCa... MrsCareBear

Good luck with that. I doubt a law is going to stop people from eating and driving. There are laws against texting and driving and even drinking and driving, and yet it still happens.

Lynette Lynette

no, this is ridiculous. 

Stacey. Stacey.

I am 100% against laws that pretty much run every aspect of our lives. For every situation a person can be in there does not need to be a "procedure" that we are governed by. Next thing you know there will be a law that says if you get lost in the woods you cant shit outside.

Besides, isn't drving around w/ scremaing kids the biggest distraction of all? I think there should be a law made that there can be no more laws made controlling every aspect of our private lives.

sweet... sweet.lil.mama

Stupid. I get cell phones but eating/drinking? Cmon theres bigger problems to worry about

nonmember avatar buckettgirl

As someone with a pretty impeccable driving record - only 2 speeding tickets at the age of 15, and having well over 350,000 miles under my belt by the age of 30... I travel daily for work, in rural western Kansas; I eat on the run because I don't normally have much choice - there aren't many places to stop. That being said, of all the things I see on the road, eating driving or talking on the cell and driving are the LEAST of my worries. People just flat out drive like idiots; don't obey basic traffic rules, and drive too fast for road conditions. Many of them are middle age women, in their SUVs with an apparent entitlement attitude that the speed limit doesn't apply to them and be damned anyone who gets in their way. Kansas recently upped the speed limit on I-70 to 75mph... that was stupid as now people drive 80+ and put us more in danger. People drive like they are nuts anyway, regardless of other distractions.
I also agree that the most distracted drivers are those with kids in their backseat ---> my ONLY accident happened when I was rear-ended by a mother who was messing with her kids in the backseat; she didn't see that I was stopped, hit me at 40mph, pushed me into the car in front of me.
What is it with you women on the Stir that want a law, policy, or regulation for every imaginable "bad" behavior? We're fine; our kids are fine. The world is as it is. Instead of trying to regulate everyone, why don't you just regulate yourself?

Katt709 Katt709

I'm with Stacey ^^ on this. I think the government is over protecting us. Let's stop restricting our driving habits and start working on the important things like world peace or something!

Lisa Moore

Haaa I just read another post on here about this and the author was against it. Why does there have to be a law for every little decision we make. Do people who who support these things not realize they are giving up their freedom little by little. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

frysh... fryshannon34

no damn are we gonna have any free will here soon?

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