Wholesome Sandra Lee Reveals a Different Side

sandra leeA couple of years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing celebrity chef Sandra Lee, and the thing that struck me most about her was how ridiculously hilarious she was during our conversation. Her sense of humor isn't exactly something that comes across on her Food Network show, Semi-Homemade, you know?

The image to the right is of the Sandra Lee we'll all used to -- sweet, pretty, proper, good-natured, button-upped. At least, that's what she's projected on Semi-Homemade all these years.

Recently, however, we've been treated to a different, much more scandalous version of Sandra. Her hilarious outtakes video leaked back in August revealed she can be crude and raunchy. Now, new photos in Harper's BAZAAR suggest that Sandra may be a closeted sex kitten, too. Scrolling through the photos, you can't help but wonder:

Since when did the woman who's famous for matching her clothes to her curtains get so smokin' hot?


I admit, I'm often one who laughs at Sandra (particularly when it comes to tacky tablescapes). But I've got to hand it to her: She's an amazing business person in that she knows not only how to brand herself but also how to stay relevant. Her harshest critics (including Anthony Bourdain) like to complain that Semi-Homemade is a crappy show because Sandra uses so many pre-packaged and/or processed products. But it's been a hit show since 2003 -- surely, she's doing something right.

And speaking of staying relevant, the article in Harper's mentions that none other than Angelina Jolie loves Sandra and had followed Lee's no-bake birthday cake recipe for her son Maddox's 8th birthday. It doesn't get any more relevant than that.

Now, Sandra seems to be enjoying the fact that (as the partner of New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo) she's in the spotlight more often than usual. No doubt a smart person like Sandra would take advantage of the opportunity to reinvent herself. As she slowly reveals herself to be much more multi-demensional and -- I'll just come out and say it -- interesting, sexy, and fun than her Semi-Homemade personality, you can't help but speculate we're about to see much more of her in the (hopefully) near fuure.


Image via Sandra Lee


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