Costco Could Soon Sell House-Sized Bottles of Booze

costcoWalking into Costco, I feel a sense of joy. The wide aisles, the free samples, and the fact that I can unself-consciously purchase gummy bears in bulk make the store one of the greatest places on Earth. But perhaps, friends, if we're lucky, Costco could take their awesomeness to a whole new level. Soon, they might be able to sell liquor in bulk. Holy barrels of vodka!

Costco is doing their best to see that they're able to fulfill our alcoholic dreams by donating millions of dollars to the campaign to pass a bill that would allow the privatization of liquor sales which blah blah blah means they'd be able to sell booze to us on the cheap.


Costco recently made a contribution of $2.8 million to the cause, but in all they've donated over $10 million. I like their style. Of course there's opposition to the bill -- some say the privatization of our favorite adult beverages would lead to a public safety concern and hurt the government's bottom line as well as the liquor distributors. While that may be true, it could also increase more jobs as private companies profit from liquor sales.

That said: Me want 100-gallon drum of Kirkland vodka. Me want. It'd be so fun to have an excuse to get one of those giant push carts that you can never steer and load it up with gigantic, aquarium-sized bottles of booze, three-cheese popcorn, and a box of 100,000 straws. You know how Chivas Regal sometimes comes in a tin box? Think at Costco the box would be coffin size and the bottle human size? Giddy up.

The bill that would allow or disallow all this is on the Washington State ballot this fall -- Issaquah, Washington being Costco's headquarters. We'll have to wait and see what happens, but just think that if this bill passes, your holiday party shopping could be revolutionized -- you'd save so much money! And when you've finished all that Kirkland Signature Whiskey, you can re-use the container as a swimming pool in warmer months. Win win.

Do you think Costco should sell giant bottles of booze?


Photo via David McKelvey/Flickr

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