Cupcake Lovers Will Die for This Cupcake-Themed Cruise


cupcake cruiseSo you love cupcakes. No, not just love, you lerv cupcakes. You luff them. You eat cupcakes every day, you bake cupcakes every chance you get, you decorate your kitchen with cupcake wallpaper, your screen saver is a cupcake, you talk with a cupcake whenever you're feeling blue, you call your first-born child "cupcake." You have violent feelings toward anyone who suggests cupcakes are just a silly trend.

And yet ... something is missing. You still feel like there's just not enough cupcake in your life.

Well I have the answer for you: the Cupcake Lovers' Cruise.

Yes, for all you cupcake lovers who just can't get enough of the little treats in your lives, this is the party of all parties. You. On a boat filled with cupcakes. For a whole week.

Did I mention this is a cruise to Bermuda? Well, who cares? You're not there to snorkel or even to see the light of day. They could steer the boat around the Sahara Desert for all you care. The important thing here is the cupcake-ness.

Speaking of which, here are the exciting features of this cruise:

  • Tastings
  • Baking and decorating workshops
  • Lectures on the importance of cupcakes to our mental health
  • Intimate conversations with leading cupcake experts
  • A library of cupcakes
  • Cupcakes with every meal
  • Cupcakes on your pillow every night
  • One-on-one sessions between you and the cupcake of your dreams

I may have made up a few of these features. There will definitely be tastings and workshops! The rest -- um, my humble suggestions? Mmm, watching the sunset hand-in-hand with my favorite cupcake. How romantic.

Anyway, the Good Ship Cupcake sets sale in August, so you have almost a year to save up for it. There will never be a more thrilling and fulfilling party in your life. Ever. In fact, you may never want to leave the cruise, and if a mutiny is staged forcing the cruise to go on indefinitely I just want you all to know mutiny was NOT my idea and I did NOT instigate it. 

And between us, of course you're not obsessed with cupcakes. Silly! Ha ha. Neither am I. I can stop with the cupcakes any time.

Is a cupcake cruise madness or your idea of heaven?

Image via Jesse Oleson for Cupcakes Take the Cake

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daerc... daerca574

I'd have to pass.  Not to say i don't love cupcakes, but that's going a little too far.

momka... momkaribg

Lol I would love to go on it :)

MrsCa... MrsCareBear

I would love to do something like with with a friend! I doubt my hubby would enjoy it very much though. Lol

KamiB79 KamiB79

I love cupcakes but think I'd be sick of them after that!

valha... valhallaarwen

First I want to say this is so wrong (lying) and it sounds like something I think my late uncle would have loved.  he always went on cruises for the desserts.



Laura Jerpseth

Sorry about my last, comment, I accedantly hit submit. I was going to post Pinkie pie's cupcake song

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Who gives a shit about cupcakes when you're on a cruise? Hopefully, those nutjobs will get lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

frysh... fryshannon34

lol@LucretiaMcEvil I agree

Melis... Melissa042807

Have you ever noticed that when you read the same word over and over again it starts to look strange? Like "cupcake". Seeing it that many times, it now looks and sounds weird to me. 

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