Starbucks Snobs Will Love This Secret New Drink

starbucks coffee and juice

You know how in 90 percent of all paparazzi photos, the celebrity is shown all skinny and gorgeous and prominently clutching a giant cup from Starbucks? Well, if the rumors are true, we'll likely be seeing even more photos like this. Why? Because according to Page Six, Starbucks is planning on adding a new item to its drink menu: cold pressed juice. And you know who absolutely loves cold pressed juice? You only get one guess: Celebrities!


Here's the gossip that's coming down the pipe: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has hired a manager from a New York juice bar to fly out to Seattle to train baristas in juice pressing. Of course, Starbucks reps are saying this is baloney, but a source at Page Six maintains that Schultz is planning to "start dividing coffee shops within weeks to make one half a pressed juice ‘grab and go’ bar."

I've gotta say, this might be one of Schultz's best ideas yet. Why? Because cold pressed juice is AWESOME. There's a reason celebrities love the raw, minimally processed beverage: It's fresh and delicious and loaded with vitamins. Supposedly, pressing fruits and vegetables -- versus pulverizing them in a standard juicer -- preserves the nutrients, which is why cold pressed juice has become so popular. You can't blame Schultz for wanting to get in on the trend.

The only annoying thing: Pressed juice is pricey. Here in New York, the stuff runs anywhere from $8 to $11 per bottle. It makes sense given that fresh fruits and vegetables (particularly organic) themselves are quite pricey. But it does mean that for most people, cold pressed juice is a "sometimes treat." Which makes it the perfect addition to the Starbucks menu. When you consider that this is the same company that successfully sells (arguably) mediocre coffee at more than $2 a cup, expensive juice seems like a natural extension.


Image via Duda Pan/Flickr

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