Waitress Is Right to Hunt Down Terrible Tipper


bad tipperBad tippers be warned, there are servers out there in restaurants who may hunt you down if you don't deliver what they deem an appropriate tip. Servers like Victoria Liss, who has waged an all-out manhunt/smear campaign to make "yuppie scum" Andrew Meyers pay for what he left her.

Meyers moseyed into Bimbo's Cantina in Seattle last Friday night with a lady friend where Liss had the "pleasure" of waiting on them. They had some chips, guac, a double-decker pork taco, and no apparent complaints. When the bill for $28.98 came, it was bad enough that Meyers put a big old zero on the tip line, but it's what he wrote at the bottom of the bill that really pissed Liss off: "P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds."

Oh, yes he did ... and in doing so raised the ire of Liss and subsequently mobs of Internet users after Liss set out to pay him back via public shaming.

Since he used his credit card to pay, she got his name. Then she took to the web to spread the word about what he'd done. She encountered a slight hiccup when she thought she'd found him and posted his picture and contact information on Facebook. Only after people from far and wide trashed him did she realize it was the wrong Andrew Meyers. Oops.

But she's not going to let that little slip-up stop her from seeking out the real jerk. She told The Stranger:

When you know you're gonna be a total dick lick, DON'T GIVE THE BARTENDER YOUR CREDIT CARD. We live in a social networking hub, don't shit where you eat.

She scares me a bit, but I don't blame her for being angry. Tips are how servers make their livings, and unless there's a major problem with service that can't be resolved, it's just not okay to stiff them. To go beyond that and flat-out insult them is just childish and rude, and it serves him right if he's exposed for the jerk he is. I hope he's shaking in his scummy yuppie shoes.

Are you scared to leave a bad tip for fear your server will retaliate? Do you think Liss has gone too far in her quest to track down this bad tipper?

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craft... craftycatVT

The fact that he wrote such a rude comment on the receipt makes me think that his reason for not leaving a tip was more about his being a jerk rather than making a point about bad service.

I used to waitress and the worst was people who would order lots of alcohol and then not tip on it. I had to pay the bartender a percentage of my alcohol sales for the night so some of those people would actually end up costing me money to wait on them!

nonmember avatar Korin

Alexandra Wodash- you have obviously never been a waitress if you don't believe they run their butts off every day at work trying to hustle $5 a table. You also don't seem to understand that they are paid less than $3 an hour because they are expected to make tips as part of their income, and the taxes taken out of their measly paychecks are calculated to reflect their income with tips. I suppose you could say that they could quit, but where would you eat if all the servers quit because it was impossible for them to afford food, shelter, or clothing off of their paycheck? Since you work in retail, you must understand the minefield that is working with the public. I can only hope you will be kinder to your fellow service workers the next time you choose to eat out :)

Leele... Leelee1008

omg excuse my french but what a dick

DomsM... DomsMama07

Where I understand that was TOTALY uncalled for writting that to her, and he's an ass for not tipping but I find it immature her showing it all over the web!

nonmember avatar KD

Where I live servers make a minimum of 9.00 an hour and tips are extra, so I see no issue with leaving no tip when the service is terrible or leaving a small tip. The comment at the bottom was out of line, but the server should have based her actions on that, not on a lack of a tip. I, as the consumer, am not required to leave any gratuity at all. And that is a problem as well. A gratuity is for a job well done. If you did a poor job or just did the minimum the expectation is then that you earned a small gratuity or none at all.

nonmember avatar hc

This wasn't just about the tip. This was about the arrogance that led a man to believe he had the right to belittle a woman he doesn't know from a a can of paint!
"You could stand to lose a few pounds?" She has to hand that in and be humiliated in her place of work - where she has to return for days to come.
Yeah - she could leave: Who's walking away from jobs in this economy???

She is not overreacting. I say good for her.

nonmember avatar Liz

I hope the wrongly accused guy sues the crap out of her.

Kyler... KylersMommy416

Waitresses make minimum wage in Washington. Right now its over $9 an hour.... I could understand being upset about not getting a tip if you make far less than any other person in an entry level job, but if you make the same amount as someone working in retail then why do you automatically deserve more? Who is to say that a waitress (who is doing the job she was hired to do) works harder than anyone else in a minimum wage job? Its not as if they are volunteering at a restaurant, helping bring food to tables in their spare time. If I lived in a state where they made less than anyone else, I would absolutely tip at least 15%. I live in Washington, however. Since I first saw this story on the news, I just thought it was ridiculous that she felt she had the right to try and stalk this guy. Who does that?

weird... weirdkids

i ususally tip big if i have the kids with me only because i know it must be horrible to clean up after them having dinner. if im just with my husband and the service is horrid, you bet your ass i dont leave much. i left a note with no tip one time that said " thanks for not offering us drinks and letting our food sit on the counter for 45 mins before you finally stopped reading long enough to realize it was ready. perhaps you should get a desk job"

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