Waitress Is Right to Hunt Down Terrible Tipper


bad tipperBad tippers be warned, there are servers out there in restaurants who may hunt you down if you don't deliver what they deem an appropriate tip. Servers like Victoria Liss, who has waged an all-out manhunt/smear campaign to make "yuppie scum" Andrew Meyers pay for what he left her.

Meyers moseyed into Bimbo's Cantina in Seattle last Friday night with a lady friend where Liss had the "pleasure" of waiting on them. They had some chips, guac, a double-decker pork taco, and no apparent complaints. When the bill for $28.98 came, it was bad enough that Meyers put a big old zero on the tip line, but it's what he wrote at the bottom of the bill that really pissed Liss off: "P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds."

Oh, yes he did ... and in doing so raised the ire of Liss and subsequently mobs of Internet users after Liss set out to pay him back via public shaming.

Since he used his credit card to pay, she got his name. Then she took to the web to spread the word about what he'd done. She encountered a slight hiccup when she thought she'd found him and posted his picture and contact information on Facebook. Only after people from far and wide trashed him did she realize it was the wrong Andrew Meyers. Oops.

But she's not going to let that little slip-up stop her from seeking out the real jerk. She told The Stranger:

When you know you're gonna be a total dick lick, DON'T GIVE THE BARTENDER YOUR CREDIT CARD. We live in a social networking hub, don't shit where you eat.

She scares me a bit, but I don't blame her for being angry. Tips are how servers make their livings, and unless there's a major problem with service that can't be resolved, it's just not okay to stiff them. To go beyond that and flat-out insult them is just childish and rude, and it serves him right if he's exposed for the jerk he is. I hope he's shaking in his scummy yuppie shoes.

Are you scared to leave a bad tip for fear your server will retaliate? Do you think Liss has gone too far in her quest to track down this bad tipper?

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Kayla... KaylaMillar

I was a server before so i can see whys shes mad.  Would i ever take it that far?! Heck no!  Shes just making herself look like a total jackass.

Lulu_B Lulu_B

There is almost NEVER a reason to not leave a tip. Especially in this case since (as teh article suggests) there were no major issues. I think this guy is a huge jerk (I want to use a stronger word here), and he totally deserves what she is doing. There is absolutely never a reason to write such a rude (and misspelled) comment on your check EVER.

Stacey. Stacey.

She should have just spit in his drink next time he came in. Now she looks like a child throwing a tantrum bc he called her fat LOL

Lulu_B Lulu_B

I would like to add, I would never have taken it that far, but I also never had anyone be that blatantly cruel to me, either.

Rachel Schiller

She sounds like a b***h and that could be why he didn't leave a tip. I give the server the tip they deserve and occationally that means they get nothing,

2Boun... 2BouncyMonkeys

What a jerk. Good for her. I accidentally stiffed a server once by like $30 (birthday dinner and drinks for 15 - huge tab). I was up for hours into the wee hours doing the math repeatedly in my head because it didn't seem right. I went back the next day with the money and gave it to him.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Ah, tipping. Servers can make out like crazy, or get really boned at tax time, seeing as they're automatically taxed on some percentage that is "assumed" they received in tips. As a server a few years ago, I made 2.13 an hour, base wage. You NEED to give them that tip unless they've literally spit in your food or acted like an ass, because they're taxed on it regardless. I don't really agree with the system, but there you go. It's not going to change any time soon.

nonmember avatar Scott

Bad Waitresses be warned... If you give us garbage service, insult our girlfriends and then post our information on the Internet ... A lawsuit will happen

zandh... zandhmom2

Well, we only have her side on the story so I won't judge on it but I will say that I think there should be a change in the base pay. Servers should make decent pay without expecting a tip for doing their job.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

She needs to grow up.  Her behavior over this tells me she's probably a miserable person and may well be a shitty server who got what she deserves for a tip.  She should be fired.  And the guy that she libeled should sue her. 

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