'Top Chef Just Desserts' Recap: The Way the Cookie Crumbled

Johnny IuzziniThere were no bearded ladies or fun houses, but tonight's episode of Top Chef Just Desserts was all about another awesome aspect of carnivals -- the food. After being challenged to make pies using just one hand (Carlos Enriquez, aka Nitro Man, won that one), the chefs were asked to take traditional carnival food and elevate it to a fancy, elegant level.

From candy apples to hamburgers, the chefs got their inspiration from a variety of fair fare. There were no real twists or turns, and it was a pretty straightforward challenge to see who did it best. With just five chefs left, the stakes were high.


Coming in on top were Sally Camacho, the only female left, and Matthew Petersen. The judges really liked Sally's caramel-corn based white corn brown butter cake, white corn pudding, and peanut ice cream. But Matthew bested that with his version of fried apple pie, and was declared the challenge winner.

Falling in the bottom three was the one I thought looked most amazing -- Chris Hammer's funnel cake ice cream. I can only imagine the deliciousness of such a concoction, but the weird seaweed foam he put with it weirded people out. Orlando didn't impress the judges either with his attempt to invoke a candy apple, since his creation didn't have much in the way of apples, but randomly had a lot of chocolate ... just because he likes it.

But, sadly, it was Carlos who ended up getting sent home. His idea was adorable -- little mini dessert hamburgers with macaroons for buns and churro fries. Only the macaroons didn't turn out at all, so at the last minute he made mini angel food cake buns. They just didn't do the job, and the judges sent him packing. It was sad to see him go, as he seems like a really great guy, and he was visibly crushed. Damn macaroons.

So now we're down to four -- Sally and the three guys. My money is still on Sally, but we'll see what sugary surprises are in store for them all next week.

Did you think the right person went home tonight? Does funnel cake ice cream not sound divine?

Image via Bravo

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