5 Frightening Food Dangers to Be Scared of This Halloween

halloween cupcakeWhen it comes to food safety, a holiday like Halloween can be particularly stressful because so much of it revolves around parties, candy, food, and consuming as many treats as humanly possible. But you've got it all under control when it comes to avoiding scary food dangers. Or do you? Take our quiz to see if you're on your "A" game when it comes to food safety this Halloween.


1. Your child comes home from trick-or-treating with a extremely suspicious-looking commercially wrapped candy bar that appears to have been pricked several times with a pin. You:

a. Tell your child to eat it.

b. Distract your child and hide it so YOU can eat it later.

c. Throw it away immediately.

Answer: B sounds tempting, but C is, in fact, the correct answer. Beware of tampered candy or other treats.

2. True or false: Unpasteurized cider and raw cookie dough are the safest things to serve at a Halloween party.

Answer: False. Unless you want to risk your guests getting food poisoning, steer clear of these scary party foods.


3. The most appropriate treat to hand out to very young trick-or-treaters is:

a. Gum

b. Hard candies

c. Small plastic Halloween-themed toys with tiny detachable parts

d. Package of animal crackers

Answer: D. It's always best to avoid choking hazards at all times.


4. True or false: Accepting homemade Halloween treats from strangers is completely safe.

Answer: You'd better have answered "false." Otherwise, what in the world is wrong with you?


5. When hosting a Halloween party, the absolute longest you should leave perishable foods sitting out is:

a. 2 hours.

b. More than 5 hours.

c. More than 24 hours.

d. I don't own a refrigerator.

Answer: A. Beware of perishable party foods that have been sitting out for any longer than two hours -- they could be contaminated with frightening bacteria. Eeps!

If you got even one answer above incorrect, you'd better study up on Halloween food safety before it's too late.


Image via TheCulinaryGeek/Flickr

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