Amanda Knox Is Selling Pizza


You wouldn't think that referencing an infamously acquitted murder suspect would be the best way to get customers to buy pizza. But it seems to be working for a cheeky local business in Seattle. City Market is using the name and likeness of Amanda Knox in a sidewalk advertisement that reads:

"Amanda Knox sez, I may not like Italy, but I love City Market's take and bake pizza. I take it home and slice it myself."

Get it? SLICE.


As you can expect, all the "I'm mad because I was born without a sense of humor and am going to spend the rest of my life taking it out on other people" people are up in arms, saying that it's incredibly crass and tacky to use an exonerated non-killer like poor Amanda here to sell pizza. For example, this guy (who commented on the link above) totally needs to chill out:

"... [It's] not just insensitive [but] sickeningly exploitative to an issue that should lead to the termination of the prosecution staff in its entirety, and police as well. Italy would be on the unrecommended list [and] Perugia a danger to your freedom to say the least. This eatery is disreput[able]."

Hey, dude. It's just pizza. And besides, it's not entirely exploitative. After all, everybody already knows that Amanda loves pizza: Several news organizations reported just last week that she enjoyed a PIZZA party with her friends and family to celebrate her return home. In fact, she probably likes being associated with the tasty Italian dish.

And for the record, the City Market people routinely come up with trashy tie-ins for many public figures -- they're not just picking on Amanda. In fact, you could say it's their shtick! As you can see on this thread, folks like Casey Anthony, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and even Muammar Gaddafi have all "sold pizza," too.


Image via Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr

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