Women Eating Popsicles Aren't Committing a Sex Crime

sex crimes popsicleThere's a video running around the Internets that may (or may not) have the people of Finland freaking the heck out about their future ability to eat phallus-shaped foods. Not one to make light of sexual harassment on this, the 20th anniversary of the beginning of Anita Hill's testimony against Clarence Thomas (which also included food -- Coke can, anyone?), I simply don't believe there is an "Association of Finnish Lawyers" that's going around threatening women who dare to lick Popsicles in public. 

But that's what The Daily Mail (among others) are saying about this video that shows a woman eating a Popsicle in a provocative manner as the men of her office stare on, slack-jawed. It's not just a mid-afternoon thrill, on the part of the men in the office, it's ... sexual harassment! Or is it?


Some things about this video, and the proliferation of it around the world wide web, are suspicious. One, it's in English. If it were really a warning to the people of Finland to keep their eating clean, wouldn't it be in their native language? Two, it showed up on AdWeek's website. Which leads me to three, it's asking the question and answering "We Know the Answer," which clearly is a way to get attention, phone calls, clicks.

It's an ad. It's meant to be talked about, shared, and bring attention to ... something? The only site I could find that talked about the Association of Finnish Lawyers was a pretty sparse LinkedIn profile, so I'm even a tad bit suspicious of this association. After all, if anyone tells me enjoying delicious food is suddenly illegal, I'm going on the offensive.

So show me your cards, Association of Finnish Lawyers. And then perhaps I'll reconsider the way I enjoy a sweet treat.

Do you think this is for a real sexual harassment ad?


Image via jeffgunn/Flickr

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