Food Delivery at Your Airport Gate Is Super Fly

airport food delivery app

One of the things that never ceases to irk me at the airport -- besides clueless first-time travelers ahead of me in line and the entire Spirit Airlines operation, of course -- is when delicious restaurants are located outside of the security checkpoint.

I know you know exactly what I mean: The intoxicating smells of Cinnabon and Au Bon Pain lingering in the air are calling to me. But I'm so intent on getting through security with all body parts intact before my flight departs that I don't even consider stopping. And even if I could stop, who wants yet another item to cart through the line?

But now a new mobile app is about to relieve me of my extreme frustrations:  B4YOUBOARD allows travelers at airport departure gates to place food orders via their smartphones (or other device). Once ready, the meal is delivered -- DIRECTLY TO THE GATE while you are waiting to board.


Delta’s Terminal 3 and JFK International Airport in New York have been offering the service since May; now, it's expanding to several airports nationwide, including Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s Lindbergh Terminal and Chicago's O'Hare.

I really shouldn't have to explain to you just how brilliantly convenient this idea is, but of course, I will: It cuts down on the stress people experience in the security line (see above) and ensures they are well-nourished for their travels. Even if you have a hell of a time getting past the TSA, there will be a hot meal to look forward to on the other side. What could be better than that?

True, it sounds like the app developers and food service industry have found a way to capitalize on the fact that airport travelers more often than not are stressed, rushed, exhausted, and starving (and lazy?). But if the new technology ultimately makes their lives easier, then where's the harm in that?

Have you used the B4YOUBOARD app yet?


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