World's Hottest Chili Contest Sends Two Idiots to the Emergency Room

chili bowlWhen bad things happen to good people, you feel sorry for them, of course.

But when bad things befall people who act like complete numb-skulls? Well, then, that's a different story. Which brings me to the story of two people from Scotland who entered the "World's Hottest Chili" competition at a local Indian restaurant, then found out the very hard way that they literally couldn't take the heat ...


Curie Kim, 21 (an American, go figure), and another woman became violently ill after consuming three bowls each of the restaurant's "killer curry." They were so ill, in fact, that emergency services had to be called, and the women were rushed to the hospital and given medicine for severe indigestion. Kim -- rather explicitly -- described the pain as follows:

It was very painful and felt like I was being chainsawed in the stomach with hot sauce on the chainsaw.

I feel for her. I really do. But not because of the stomach pain. Rather, it's because she would be so stupid as to consume three bowls of the stuff in the first place. Anyone with a brain stem knows that you don't mess around with hot peppers. And even if you do, you should at least know your limits and heed your body's warning signs -- i.e., searing pain down the digestive tract -- before it gets to this point.

Of course, then this clown had the nerve to blame her sickness on the restaurant's competition (which is held annually to raise money for charity) and not her own idiocracy. She said:

I don't think the restaurant should do it anymore as I think there are a lot less painful ways to raise money for charity.

I have a better idea: How about a prerequisite IQ for the contest's participants to screen for people like this?


Image via suvodeb/Flickr

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