Use Your Groupon Before Your Favorite Restaurant Closes!

groupon restaurants closeI'll admit to being a big fan of the deal sites: Groupon, LivingSocial, Blackboard Eats, OpenTable (also a reservation site). In fact, my husband and I usually plan our dates around what code or deal we have hanging out in our inboxes. While this works well for our entertainment budget, apparently it's not working very well for the actual restaurants who partner up with the online sensation.

It seems those of us who eat cheaply don't come back, and wind up costing business owners more than they bargained for. In fact, one restaurant blames Groupon -- in part -- for its demise.


C. Tsar's in Newton, Massachusetts admits to being a victim to the recession, but also was shocked when Groupon did not help them dig out of their financial hole. When customers didn't spend over the amount of their Groupon (which is what the struggling restaurant was hoping for), they realized they had wasted money. They'll be closing their doors, in spite of hoping for a Groupon bump.

Even though other people have done studies about Groupon being bad for business, I still can't help but feel partially responsible here as a Groupon fan. I've been using Groupon for over a year now and I cannot remember one single time when I made a return trip to the restaurant. I do, however, remember feeling like I hit the jackpot when those Groupons popped up for restaurants I already frequent. In those cases, the restaurant definitely lost money as I was already planning on eating there -- for full price.

But at least, unlike other Groupon users, I never went on Yelp to trash the restaurant where I Groupon'd. That, apparently, is the other downside to offering a discount on your food: More people come in, and more people will trash talk you if they're not happy with their cheese plate.

While I've been very happy with my Groupon and co. experiences, it seems that it doesn't make sense for the average restaurant owner to continue. So you'd better use your codes now, diners! And if you're in Los Angeles, you can lose all that restaurant weight by buying today's Groupon deal: More than 50 percent off liposuction.

Do you use Groupon?

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