Rotten Fruit and Other Disgusting Foods That Will Turn You On

food aphrodisiacFirst of all, I have to wonder who gets the big idea to try really horrible foods in general. Now, who has the idea to see which of these disgusting foods make people horny? Honestly, I can't help but be curious as to how that happens. And what guy (because you know it's a guy) is waving his hand for the gig?

That said, there is yet another gross-out food that's being touted as an aphrodisiac ... in fruit flies. Experiments on humans are sure to come. This time the food that is said to inspire passion is rotting fruit. Yep, rotting fruit that may or may not give you diarrhea also turns on fruit flies. 

So if you really want some action, try serving up a side of rotting fruit with your (slimy) oysters and some fried caterpilla fungus that grows on insect larvae. Seriously, why do we all have to throw up after eating disgusting food in order to have a good time in the sack?


My theory is this: It's all a great big hazing ritual. Before there was reality television, there were good old-fashioned dares. Men and boys have been trying to one-up each other since the dawn of time, and eating really gross things has been a huge part of that metaphorical pissing contest. Convincing some dude that eating duck fetus will turn him on is probably the best way to get the job done. Getting your date to indulge with you, however, is why chocolate was added to the list of foods that get you in the mood for sexy time.*

So while I'll be skipping the fruit, the oysters, the fetus, give me a glass of wine and chocolate dessert anytime, and I'll gladly test the aphrodisiac effect.

Would you test these foods to see if they put you in the mood?

Image via opticalreflex/Flickr


*Although if you really need to eat something to turn you on, maybe you should see a medical professional and/or a couple's therapist about that.

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