'Top Chef Just Desserts' Recap: Beastie Boys Provide Sweet Inspiration

Adam HorovitzI never realized how often the Beastie Boys sang about food items, but their lyrics are filled with them. Think about it: "Yo what the falafel you gotta get up awful" from "Oh Word"; or "Gorgonzola, provolone, don’t even get me started on this microphone" from "Shazam." Well, all those lyrics tied into the elimination challenge on Top Chef Just Desserts this week.

Adam Horovitz -- yes, Ad-Rock himself -- was a guest judge tonight, and his band's lyrics provided the inspiration and the ingredients. The chefs each had to choose two ingredients from the Beastie Boys Pantry, which contained things like pork and beans, ravioli, mashed potatoes, chicken, and other savory ingredients. Then they each got to pick one sabotage item and give it to another chef. And remember, they were making dessert with these items.


While their creativity was admirable, I can honestly say that tonight there wasn't even one dessert they concocted that tempted me in the slightest. Usually I'm drooling all over my remote with their sweet creations, but tonight you would have had to pay me to eat any of them. Maybe Sally's sweet potato and prosciutto brownie with cheddar cheese ice cream, but the fact that there was chicken in the toffee sauce makes me unsure if I could actually do it.

I'm a fairly adventurous eater, but a pesto and pork and bean brownie dessert? No thanks. I like dessert in my dessert, thank you very much. No amount of sugar can coat some things.

Matt Petersen surprisingly won with his cornbread and mashed potato cheesecake, whiskey caramel, and gravy foam. Just typing that gives me license to ill, but the judges appreciated his creativity.

It was the falafel that sunk Rebecca Masson as she tried to incorporate it in a panna cotta, but all the judges could taste was garlic. Tearful, once again, she said her goodbyes.

"I still love the Beastie Boys but I hate falafel right now," she said upon parting. At least Ad-Rock signed her cast, and I do believe she may save it forever.

Which desserts did you think looked the best on this week's episode of Top Chef Just Desserts? Were there any?

Image via Bravo

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