5 Fabulous Ideas You Can Steal From Martha Stewart's Birthday Party (PHOTOS)

martha stewartOf course, you would never in a million years guess it just by looking at her, but Martha Stewart celebrated her 70th birthday this August. Her friend, the ever-talented Darcy Miller (who is Celebrations Expert for The Martha Stewart Show on Hallmark Channel and Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings), threw an intimate birthday party for Martha back in July and, as you would expect, the decorations, menu, and favors were absolutely fabulous. After all, this was a celebration for the Domestic Goddess and Queen of Party Planning herself -- nothing could be too perfect.

Darcy shared her amazing DIY decorating ideas on The Martha Stewart Show (airing later today). But we've got a sneak peek now. Let's take a look:


martha stewart darcy miller

Darcy wanted to incorporate the guest of honor's personality into the decor. She drew adorable sketches (see image directly above -- background right) of Martha doing the things she loves (yoga, travel, celebrating Halloween), enlarged them at Shutterfly.com, mounted them, and positioned them around the room so that everyone would be thinking of Martha throughout the evening.

But she didn't stop there. Darcy wanted to find a way to include Martha's beloved dogs in the celebration. Like she did with the sketches, she enlarged photos of the dogs (see top image) and made over the room with adorable canine decals

bulldog lollipops

And that's not all: She also combed candy stores to find dog-themed chocolates and candy including these fantastic bulldog lollipops to give to guests as favors.


photo coasters

For a final personal touch, Darcy made gorgeous coasters using amazing photos of Martha in her younger years. She simply scanned and printed the image, then adhered it to round coasters.


Event planning genius David Stark was also on hand to help decorate for Martha's party. He came up with a brilliantly creative idea for table centerpieces that cost less than traditional fresh flowers but looked just as elegant: Beauty cakes under glass cake covers.

beauty cake

You'd never guess they were made from Styrofoam cake dummies, decorative paper, and a bit of trim.

See how to make all these items and more when The Martha Stewart Show airs Thursday 10 a.m. ET on the Hallmark Channel.


Images via David E. Steele. Courtesy of The Martha Stewart Show on Hallmark Channel; Bulldog lollipops image via Donna Newman. Copyright 2011

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