Another Disgruntled Starbucks Employee Takes Rage Out on Customer

starbucks cup b-wordIs it just me, or have there been an alarming number of disgruntled Starbucks employees making headlines for bad behavior lately? There was the callous manager who fired a dwarf employee because he didn't want to allow her to use a step stool. Then there was this Starbucks barista who bashed the chain on YouTube (and was later fired). Now comes this story of a Starbucks employee who wrote the word "B*TCH" on the side of a customer's cup instead of her name. Um, maybe these employees should all lay off the caffeine?


Of course, the B-word on the coffee cup situation is probably the most annoying of the bunch because it's so very juvenile. A loyal customer in New York, Vicki Reveron, ordered the same thing every day at her local Starbucks: a caramel frappuccino. One day, however, there was a mix-up with her drink but the barista corrected it. Vicki thought that was the end of it, but when she got to her office, she noticed the obsenity scrawled on her cup.

Now, this could have all been remedied with a simple apology and a couple of drinks on the house. But listen to what happened when Vicki complained to a manager: She was given vouchers for free coffee but then an employee accused her of "doing anything to get a free cup of coffee." It's such an unexpectedly rude response from a place of service that you've got to wonder if Vicki really is the word that was scrawled on her cup or if the employees at this particular Starbucks were just having a really, really bad life day.

In defense of baristas everywhere, I can only imagine how annoying it must be to take orders from cranky customers all day long for triple venti extra-hot, light lactose-free foam la la la la cappuccinos. But at the end of the day, that's the very nature of the job. Seriously, Starbucks employees: Let's keep it together!

Image via ABC

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