Anderson Cooper Admits He's a Picky Eater


anderson cooper eats a brussels sproutHave you ever wanted to smack a reporter upside the head? Some people feel that way when said reporter asks "gotcha" questions of their favorite presidential candidate. But for me it's Anderson Cooper and his freakish fussy food ways.

On his new show Anderson he has staged an intervention on himself, the ultimate picky eater. How picky? He eats the same exact lunch every single day. He won't eat vegetables. He picks the green things out of his food. He thinks drizzling honey over peanut butter is "weird." He "doesn't get the point" of couscous when there's already rice. Texture scares him. 

And when he goes out noshing with pal Jerry Seinfeld, he confesses something truly shocking: He has never even eaten a waffle.

When Jerry takes Anderson out to a Belgian waffle cart, Anderson can't understand the point when there are already pancakes.

"Why aren't pancakes enough?" he wonders.

"Because waffles are CRISPY!" Jerry responds, exasperated.

"Why do you need crispy?" Anderson asks. 

Oh good Lord, someone please explain to me how this man ever became a journalist? Aren't they supposed to be curious about everything? What could be more important to human life than food? And yet Anderson is astoundingly incurious about food.

Why do we need couscous when we have rice, he wonders. How about the fact that they come from different plants, for starters! And that rice is central to Asian culture while couscous is a staple of North African cuisine. So maybe there's a whole history and culture behind these two grainy side dishes you're pushing around with your fork, Anderson. Did you ever consider that, world-traveled correspondent? 

"I like plain things. I don't like a bunch of fancy mix-ins and stuff," he says. Sure, a lot of people prefer simple food, but Anderson takes the concept to a whole new level. He eats the same exact turkey, corn, and cornbread lunch from Boston Market every single day. He will not try the pot pie. He will not venture to the mashed potatoes. He will not try green eggs and ham. He will not try them, Sam-I-Am.

"I am like a 7-year-old when it comes to eating," Cooper admits. Well, Anderson, I live with a 7-year-old, and you are beyond that kind of picky, though you and my son do both make the same faces and gagging noises when you eat cooked spinach.

When a nutritional therapist tells Anderson he is a "selected disordered eater," it reminds me of a pale, skinny young man I once knew. When we had him over for dinner he requested a serving of pasta without sauce because, as he put it, "I don't like ... flavors." Is there any hope for these people?

I certainly hope so. Anderson staged his food intervention in the same episode where he launched his 5-Day Family Dinner Challenge, in which he sat down with a family for dinner for five days in a row. I don't know who his family will be in this case -- maybe his television crew? Maybe audience members' families? I can tell you one thing, though, Mr. Cooper. If you have dinner at our house we have a rule: Everyone has to at least try everything. Tonight, we're having couscous with spinach and lots of little green things mixed into each dish. For dessert, there will be waffles drizzled with peanut butter and honey. Bring your appetite!

Do picky eaters annoy you, or are you one of them?


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nonmember avatar me

I cannot stand picky eaters. My kid eats everything and my husband is fairly picky. loves sweets, but if it's a fruity dessert he won't eat it. won't eat yogurt. won't eat pizza with two things on it (or more). he's gotten a lot better. his parents are shocked when they come for dinner and he's eating veggies.

Stacey. Stacey.

I will eat anything if it doesnt have ketchup on it. Picky eaters annoy me.

Groov... Groovyflor1

I'm married to one that is just as bad as Andersen sounds.  No rice, pasta, soups, casseroles, cooked vegetables, red meat, white sauce, creamy salad dressings.  There is actually a study going on at Duke (I believe) about adult picky eaters.  There are more than you would expect and they all have fairly similar styles of eating (lots of plain foods, no mixing flavors, etc). 

It doesn't bother me, but it bugs the heck out of my family. 

Meghan 'Root' Kowalik

Eh, as long as they're trying.  I'm not nearly as bad as Anderson, the above poster's husband, or my step-dad, but i"m pretty picky.  I don't like chunks.  I will eat salsa, but I puree it first.  I hate chunks of tomatoes in my spaghetti sauce.  And I don't like most little green things.  I will however, try things.  I definitely like flavors though!  I'm always experimenting with new spices and new recipes.  I'm just a little weird about chunks.  

Kemaria Kemaria

I agree - picky eaters annoy me as well.   Is is something in their genes that makes them like this or is it an acquired custom/mindset from their upbringing when they were little kids?  

I'm guessing in most cases, it's the latter reason.

Gypsy... GypsyMa76

YAY, he has the same problemwith textures & veggies I do. Tell me if you figure out how to overcome it Anderson!!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I'm the least picky eater ever, I've tried just about everything, but I'm so with him on peanut butter and honey. That combo so grosses me out for some reason, especially on a sandwich. I don't like soggy baked goods so honey on bread, tiramisu, and ice cream with cake all gross me out. After trying many things I've just come to the conclusion it's a textural issue.

Melis... Melissa042807

My mama didn't raise picky eaters. Her attitude was that she didn't have the time or the energy with 4 kids to worry about it. We either ate it or we skipped the meal, until we got old enough to fix our own food. As adults we all have a couple of things we don't like, but we'll eat pretty much anything. I follow a diet now where I don't eat a lot of things common in the American diet, but that's by choice, not because I don't like those things.

bills... billsfan1104

I am not picky, but I cant stand nuts in my cakes, brownies, pies etc etc.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

To me, there a few things more pathetic than an adult picky eater (those who are picky by preference, rather than "issue", like sensory or developmental disorders).  Under, say, 12 years old, go for it - you can practice for the Picky Eater Olympics and I won't bat an eye.  But beyond that, it's truly pathetic.  I had 2 picky eater boyfriends, one in high school and one my freshman year at college.  It was the primary reason I dumped them both - I am a serious Foodie, and have zero interest in a guy who orders everything "plain" and won't share an appetizer or a dessert.  Wussies.  Wussies, I say!

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